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Question: as a teacher aidecomplete the following table to demonstrate your...

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As a teacher aide,complete the following table to demonstrate your involvement in the preparation and implementation of classroom programs and lesson plans on at least three (3) occasions:



Outline the lesson.

How were you involved?

What role did you take in preparing for the lesson/activity/program?

Were children requiring support identified & strategies for supporting them provided (this may include strategies from students IEP)?

If not, what strategies were in place to ensure the effectiveness of the lesson/activity/program?

Outline your involvement in identifying individual learning needs.

Were there any potential hazards that you identified during this lesson/activity/program?


Locate and Identify the school’s policy that would support any aspect of this lesson.

This could be a small group or a large group lesson. Be specific here and aim for a range of lessons within this question.


Numeracy Small group experiences at tables based on addition

Be specific here about what you did. This question is to highlight your own involvement in the lesson and your role in preparation.


Sat with students to ensure turn taking, co operation throughout game.

Assisted in preparation by:

·       Laminating home made game boards

·       Collecting counters and dice from the storeroom.




What strategies were used to support a specific student? Were these from an IEP or general strategies?


·       To sit in a position so as to clearly see other groups whilst working with focus group.

·       To prompt student to point to each counter as he/she counts

If there were no individual children needing support, what general strategies were in place to ensure the lesson flowed well?


Ensured all students were aware of what they needed to do when they moved to the tables by moving round tables and clarifying instructions

Be specific here about what you did. This question is to highlight your skills in engaging with students.


·       Noticed student had difficulty waiting for his/her turn and could not decipher the plus from the minus symbol

·        Discussed with teacher and asked for worksheet for the next lesson to complete one to one with student on maths symbols.

Think about hazards that may be specific to students with additional needs as well as general hazards.


Tables were very close together.  This made it difficult when children moved from one group to the next.

Some policies might include:

* Sun Safe policy

* Work, health, safety policy

* Inclusion policy

* Disability Standards

* Homework policy

* Gifted and Talented policy

* Learning and Support Program policy

* Reporting school accidents

* Sport and Physical Activity policy

















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