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DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING 1. Show the expression for the complex frequency function of Butterworth filter, if the low frequency response filter has passband from 0 to 4000 Hz with attenuation no more than -1,4 dB and monotonic attenuation in the stopband not less than 12 dB for frequency 9600 Hz? 2. In the figure it is shown the graph of the digital input signal x( n ). The system impulse response is h( n )-30m-1)+28m-2+n-3), Calculate the output signal of the systemiyon), if y(m) = Σ(k)s h(m-k) 3 x(k) 2 3. Calculate the period of the periodical sequence For a simple signal xdn)= 13 sin(0.025 n) For a periodic signal x2(n)- 12 sin (0.0227n) + 19 sin( 0.06Tn)

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