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As opposed to the traditional approaches of Kant and Mill, the Feminine Ethics of Care approaches stresses the following:

The idea that to determine right and wrong stems from one's ability to abandon bias and relatedness, but rather personify rational objectivity as best as they can.
The idea that ethical inquiry requires a kind of playbook or contract.
The idea that morality is, ultimately, a feminine concept.
The idea that ethics should involve how one thinks of others and their relations with them.
The idea that a successful ethical framework requires a formal, well-rounded education.

When discussing the ontology of personhood and its relation to moral agency some suggest that what is crucially required is the existence of a sophisticated level of consciousness and communication ability. In response to this assertion, many of thinkers assert the following:

None of the above.
Persons are the kind of beings who transcend mere communication, for they are in possession of a deeper prescriptive vocabulary of worth.
This claim is rather self-evident, for non-persons are beings who exist in the parametres of non-personhood.
Persons, unlike wantons, are beings who can make an effort to understand the nature of existence. That is to say, they can explore the question: do I exist?
A person is the kind of being who can explain or articulate the contours and nuances of the landscape of their own free will.

According to Kant, we should treat people as ends-in-themselves, and never as means alone, because of the good results of doing so.

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