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As the Responsible Manager you role is to determine and plan work to be completed by the finance brokers and team. As part your discussion with Paul, you have both decided that the Finance Brokers (ACR’s) need to undertake some further training to increase personal skills, make a more cohesive team and ensure service improvement. The training will contribute towards their professional development hours required for association membership and to meet ASIC requirements. This training should take place as soon as possible and needs to be completed within the next three months. To kick off the training (and lead by example) you have decided to commence with planning some training for yourself. 

  1. Identify three personal competency goals you would like to achieve in your role that would enhance your organisation’s image. Explain how you can go about developing the skills needed to achieve your goals and your ideal timeframe for completion. You may wish to use the responsible manager profile in the FMB Assessment Toolkit or choose your own goals.

Performance Objective 

Required Skills

Current Skills 

Time frame to complete 

Example: Become a leader in my business

Learn leadership skills 

No leadership experience

First 12 months 














  1. Referring to ASIC RG206, what are the minimum continuing professional standards for responsible managers? Include in your answer: 
  • the required number of hours
  • how often your professional development should be completed, and 
  • what these activities should consist of. 



  1. Based on the “Credit Representative Profiles” in the FMB Assessment Toolkit, and using the table below, complete a training needs analysis for each individual. 


Performance Objective 

Required Skills

Current Skills 


















  1. Using the “AAMC Training Course List” from the FMB Assessment Toolkit, determine which training will need to be completed by each ACR, whether it will be individually completed or as part of a team, and where the training will take place. 




Method of study 

Time frame to complete

Resources Required

Offsite or in office
































  1. How could you ensure that your contribution serves as a role model to others and in turn, enhance the organisation’s image? Refer to Module1, Section 6.


  1. Briefly explain how you would actively encourage individuals to participate in, take responsibility for and effectively communicate in team activities. Refer to Module 1, Section 5 of the learner guide. 


  1. Shona is having issues learning the company’s CRM system and has a loan ready to submit. Referring to the FMB Assessment Toolkit, answer the following questions: 
  1. What learning should Shona complete in order to adapt to the system and when can she complete this? 


  1. Which team members should be able to also provide support to Shona regarding the software? 


  1. Paul has asked you to provide some feedback to the team regarding the training outcomes. The team performed the tasks well and you would like to make sure you value and show encouragement towards their performance. How would recognise and reward individual and team efforts? 


  1. Paul has advised that the company are now using AAMC Training’s LMS to record CPD hours. Using the AAMC Training CPD area (this is an option in your AAMC member area under Professional Development Record CPD/CE) or by creating your own PD Statement (based on the AAMC Training example below) record a minimum of 20 hours of professional development activities that you may complete as a finance broker. Refer to the professional development section of the FMB Assessment Toolkit (under company professional development activities or AAMC Training courses). You may also choose some of your own activities.





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