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ostct Financlals Using Ratios Professor Michael Kinnen FIN331 Question2 Otto is the CEO of Heinz Sports Partners (HSP), and the firm has 2022 revenue of $10.6 million. Its net income margin is 25%. Use the information below to a) What is the firms net income? b) If the firms ROE is 27%, what is the total amount of equity for this company c) If the firm has a debt-equity ratio of 70%, how much debt does HSP have? d) What is the total assets for this firm? e) HSPs current liabilities are 45% of the total liabilities, what is the balance of current liabilities and 0) g) also for long term liabilities? The firm has net working capital of $3,850,000. Calculate HSPs current asset balance. How much does the firm have in fixed assets? h) HSPs common stock has a book value of $1.35 per share. If there are 2,140,000 shares outstanding how much is the total balance for common stock? What is the total retained earnings?
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