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Quiz 1 2.1,2又 RECTIONS: Complete the following problems to the best of your ability. Be sure to include all relevant ork for your solution. Insufficient work may result in a deduction of points. ue date: 1)1(2 points) Estimate the value of the lint linb by plugging in values close to x-2, using values that are both less than 2 and greater than 2. Use at least three values of each variety. Round answers to the nearest sixth decimal place 2) (3 points) Determine an expression for the sope of the line passing through (1.6) and (.4+3-) . Then use that expression to estimate the slope of the tangent line to ()-4+3t- att-1.
3) (S points) An object is thrown upward with initial velocity 10 meters per second. Its height above the ground is modeled as h()-10r-0.81r. Determine an expression for the slope of the tangent line at t-3 as a limit and approximate the limit. For additional credit consideration, determine the value of the limit analytically.
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