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Assignment 1-2 [Режим ограниченной функциональности] Поиск в документе Главная вставка дизайн макет ссылки Рассылки рецензирование Вид Обычный Без интереала Заголовок 1 3aronOBOK 2 панель стилей 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 3. Labor Demand and Equilibirum: Consider an economy with 1,000 identical firms. All firm:s produce an identical output that they sell in the world product market for a price of P-5. They use the same production technology Y=F(L)-100L-20L2, where L is the number of workers put into production. Labor is the only input into production. Al1 firms are small relative to the labor market, so they take the hourly wage W as given. Labor supply is summarized by the aggregate labor supply curve, LS(W)-400W where LS(W) is the number of workers wishing to supply their services at wage W. Determine an individual firms marginal product of labor by differentiating F(L) by L a. b. c. Determine an individual firms labor demand curve L(W) Determine the aggregate labor demand curve LD(W) d. Whats the equilibrium wage? How much labor is an individual firm employing in equilibrium? What is the aggregate employment level? страница 2 из 2 число слое: 525 Турецкий 196%

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