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Question: assignment 2 marketing yourself part 1 situation analysis internal assessment...

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Assignment 2: Marketing Yourself (part 1)

Situation Analysis

Internal Assessment

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What are your core values, formal education, job experience, and motivation?

What can you do to enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses?

What points of difference or competitive advantage do YOU have? If you don't have one, can you develop one?

External Analysis

What are the trends in the environmental forces that could impact your job search and career development?






regulatory forces

Competitive Analysis

What type of background, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses do your competitors have? What is unique about you (points of difference) - your personality, education, experience, etc.? What is your positioning?

Positioning Statement

To arrive at a succinct positioning statement, try filling in this template and then        “massaging” it to accommodate you as the product.

The [ product ] is a [ description ] that provides [ target audience ] with [ unique point of differences, when compared to competitive products ].

Market Analysis

What market segments (job opportunities) have you identified as having the best potential?   

How do you fit into these markets?

This means doing some research!

Focus and Goal Setting

Make them specific, measurable, Achievable, Results-focused and Time-bound (SMART)!

What are your goals upon graduation?

What is your desired position?

What are your target industries, organizations, and location?

Examples might be large public accounting firms, business-to-business sales, and marketing research for a consulting firm in Chicago, etc.

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