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Question: assignment 2 multiple choice assignment check the right answer 5...

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Assignment 2. Multiple choice assignment. Check the right answer. 5 points each answer 1. The USA FM radio broadcasting utilizes the frequency band A. 0.665 MHz-1.6 MHz B. 80 MHz-100 MHz C. 88MHz-108 M㎐ 2. The pre-emphasis is generally used A. to improve the demodulator perfomance in the presence of noise in the received signal B. to improve the modulator performance C. to improve the stereophonic effect 3. The intermediate frequency of FM superheterodyne receiver is A. 455 kHz B. 88 MHz C. 10.7 MHz 4. The FM radio stations transmit the signal in the stereo mode (L and R channels). Why monophonic receiver users has the ability to listen both channels, L and R? A. The monophonic receiver uses two antennas B. The monophonic receiver receive only sum signal L+R. C. The monophonic receiver uses two speakers. FM Stereo Broadcasting receiver requires the signal with the frequency 38 kHz for the synchronization of the carrier, however the pilot signal frequency is 19 kHz. How the 38 kHz is achieved? A. Using the frequency doubler B. Using the deemphasizer C. Using the bandpass fiter 5. 6. In FM Stereo Broadcasting two stereo channels transmit the signals L+R and L-R. Why they are not transmit just the channel L and the channel R separately? A L+R and L-R signals require less transmission bandwidth. B. L+R and L-R signals easier to deemphasize C. L+R signal needs for mono receiver listeners. Subtotal 30 points
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