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Assignment 3 please and thank you.
Assignment 3, Module 1 The ABC Logistics Corp. Uses a nesting container for transporting some special Chemical from Chicago to Texas. The dimensions of the container are Di Dimension in side 32 D1 - D2 → Hう 31 23 27 24 28 Additional data available: I) When these containers are loaded, they are placed inside the truck, a 2 clearance is required between the containers. The 2 clearance area is filled with foam and other filling material 2) The loaded containers are stacked with no clearance between the containers. 3) Truck bed dimensions are 8.5x 45xIl. (WxLxH) 4) Container capacity 150 lbs. (if Fully utilized Determine. l)- Number of truckloads per weck if we plan to transport 480 tons of material per week 2)- Assume we have to return the container (nested), with 2 between nested stacks. How many truck-loads per month (4.2 weeks) is required.
3)- Each If cost per truckload (cither way) $5600. Compare cost saving using this container against using the same container but not nested (i.e, DI-D2) 4)- In part 2, determine Trailer Return Ratio, and Container Nesting Ratio
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