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Assignment 8 Test Part A Directions: Write the letter of the vocabulary term in the blank next to its definition. a. axis b. electromagnetic spectrum c. ellipse d. equinox e. light pollution f lunar eclipse g. moon phase h. orbit i. radio telescope k. refracting telescope 1. revolution m. rotation n. satellite o. space probe p. solar eclipse q solstice j. reflecting telescope 1. the arrangement of electromagnetic waves according to their wavelength 2. shape of Earths orbit 3. uses a large curved dish to reflect radio waves from space to a focal point 4. the eclipse that occurs when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon 5. uses mirrors to collect light and form an image _6·the changes in appearance of the moon as it orbits Earth 7, occurs when the suns position is directly above the equator 8. uses lenses to bend light towards a focal plane 9. the two times a year when the Earths tilt makes the sun reach its greatest angle north or south of the equator 10. glow in the night sky caused by city lights 11. imaginary line around which an object spins 12. eclipse that occurs when the moon is between the Earth and the sun 13. an object that revolves around another object 14. Earths movement around the sun 15. the path traveled by a satellite 16. an instrument that travels out into the solar system, collects information and then transmits it back to Earth 17. causes day and night to occur on Earth
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