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You take any and every chance you can to get out of the office and away from your phone and e-mail. You are the sales manager and your team is outstanding at getting new clients! Recently, your new boss Ethan was hired. He is in charge of scheduling and he's the production manager. As your team negotiates new sales, Ethan has the final say on the contract. He has to determine if it is possible to get the order out on time. Since he has started two months ago, Ethan always says yes to every order and promises that it will be on time, but he has yet to deliver. You have had to take every call from all of the angry customers. Some of the orders are a few days late, but recently some of them have been up to two weeks late. Customers are upset that the order is late and are threatening to go elsewhere! You are stuck in the middle of the sales team and your boss. Everyone is upset except for Ethan. Just last week when you tried to talk to him about it he said, "The customers should be happy they are getting a good deal." This has to be taken care of soon or you will lose a lot of business because the customers are not just talking to you, they are beginning to post on social media. You have been asked by the President of the company to find some solutions that you will discuss in the meeting on Friday. You have to have three viable solutions for the problem. Think creatively, your team and the company are counting on you. You also have decided to start three things immediately that don't need approval from the management team right away. Share those as well. *A similar situation is found in your book.

Grades You will be graded on: Summarize the issue in your own words (5 points)

List three possible solutions (15 points)

What can you do as a manager to alleviate some of the calls? (5 points)

Spelling/Grammar (5 points),

and APA (5 points).

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