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Question: assume you are given the following abbreviated financial statements ...

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Assume you are given the following abbreviated financial​ statements:

($ in millions)
Current assets $96
Fixed and other assets $163
Total assets $259
Current liabilities $76
Long-term debt $37
Stockholders' equity $146
Total liabilities and equity $259
Common shares outstanding 7 million shares
Total revenues $374
Total operating costs and expenses $319
Interest expense $10
Income taxes $17
Net profits $28
Dividends paid to common stockholders $7

On the basis of this information, calculate as many liquify, activity, leverage, profitability, and common stock measures as you can. (Note: Assume the current market of the common stock is $64.73 per share.)

Liquidity measures

The current ratio is _____.

The firm's net working capital is $_____ million.

Activity measures

The firm's total asset turnover is _____.

Leverage measures

The firm's debt-equity ratio is _____.

The firm's times interest earned ratio is _____.

Profitability measures

The firm's net profit margin is _____%.

The firm's return on assets (ROA) is _____%.

The firm's return on equity (ROE) is _____%.

Common stock measures

The earnings per share (EPS) is $_____.

The P/E ration is _____.

The sales per share is $_____.

The price-to-sales ratio is _____.

The amount of dividends per share is $_____.

The dividend yield on the common stock is _____%.

The dividend payout ratio is _____%.

The firm's book value per share is $_____.

The price-to-book value is $_____.

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