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“At a White House meeting in February of 1983 with Washington, D.C., anchormen, Ronald Reagan was asked to comment on ‘an apparent continuing perception among a number of black leaders that the White House continues to be, if not hostile, at least not welcome to black viewpoints.’ President Reagan replied as follows: ‘I’m aware of all that, and it’s very disturbing to me, because anyone who knows my life story knows that long before there was a thing called the civil-rights movement, I was busy on that side. As a sports announcer, I didn’t have any Willie Mayses or Reggie Jacksons to talk about when I was broadcasting major league baseball. The opening line of the Spalding Baseball Guide said, “Baseball is a game for Caucasian gentlemen.” And as a sports announcer I was one of a very small fraternity that used that job to editorialize against that ridiculous blocking of so many fine athletes and so many fine Americans from participating in what was called the great American game.’ Reagan then went on to mention that his father refused to allow him to see Birth of a Nation because it was based on the Ku Klux Klan and once slept in a car during a blizzard rather than stay at a hotel that barred Jews. Reagan’s ‘closest teammate and buddy’ was a black, he said.”—James Nathan Miller, The Atlantic.

Explain in a sentence or two how each of the following passages involves a fallacy. Many of these examples are difficult and should serve to illustrate how fallacies sometimes conform only loosely to the standard patterns.

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