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2. Multiple Buying Influences Multiple Buying Influences While consumers often make purchase decisions based on their own emotion criteria, organizational buyers often follow a more rational process that includes input from multiple sources. These multiple sources are called the buying center For organizations, the purchasing of products and services is often heavily influenced by many different constituencies. Each of these groups provides input based on their special area of expertise. The ultimate goal is for an organization to make the best possible purchase. In larger organizations, each role in the buying center may be filled by a different individual. In smaller organizations, a single individual may fulfill several roles.Drag and drop each item into the associated level of the buying center. Buying Center Role Role Example Users Sandra Influencers Terry Buyers John Deciders Chad Patti Gatekeepers Reset

A-The people who will actually use the product.

B-People whose expertise is used to help determine which products are needed

C-The purchasing managers who are responsible for working with suppliers and arranging for the terms of sale

D- The people in the organization who have the power to select or approve the supplier

E- People in key positions in the organization who control the flow of information

Sandra- Sandra has been charged with compiling all of the necessary paperwork to begin the purchase process for the marketing department. She will also answer any questions that potential vendors may have regarding the purchase.

Terry- Terry works for the purchasing office. She reviews the marketing department budget to ensure sufficient funds are available for the proposed purchase. After review of the bids received from various vendors, she selects a Dell Optiplex computer because it meets minimum specifications and is the lowest bid submitted.

John- The chairperson of the marketing department receives a report that documents a computer problem in a classroom. After investigation, the marketing department chair begins the requisition process to replace the faulty computer.

Chad- after receiving a copy of a request for a new classroom computer from the chair of the marketing department, chad, a member of university computer support services, forwards a copy of the minimum specifications for new computers to the marketing department chair and provides additional support information.

Patti- a faculty member in the marketing department, enters an electronic classroom to begin class and finds that the computer used to operate the classroom will not start normally. She is not able to access information she has stored on the computer.

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