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Atomic mass: Na-22.99; C-| 2.01:0-| 6.00, H-| .01; Cl-35.45; P 30.97 Report the concentrations at least 4 significant figures.) 1. (Sato) How to make 1 L of 0.02-N Na COs solution; that is, convert the unit from N (eq/L) to mg/L Note: Na CO,> 2Na Co, 2. (Sato). What is 1.0 mg/L Na2HPOs solutions in M (molVL) 3. (FE exam) A water sample contains 57 mg/L of phosphate (PO (PO). What is the concentration of PO as CaCO? measured as substance 4. (Sato) A 18 litters of simulated groundwater was prepared by adding reagent-grade salts to deionized water as follows: 0.0995 g of MgS04, 0.1235 g of CaCl2, 0.1865g of NaCl, and 0.3033 g NaHCO. What would be the result of the chemical analysis of this water? a) (20 pts) Complete the table attached (Table 1) below. b) (5 pts) Check ion balance. Is ion balance OK? c) (15 pts) Draw a bar graph for this water. (ENVE 5508 students draw a Stiff Diagram also.) Note: Arrange cations in an order (sequence) of: Ca, Mg, Na, K. Arrange anions in an order (sequence) of OH CO HCO S04 CI, NOs
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