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Atoms called The electron has what type of charge? The Chapter 2 Chemistry Worksheet. is the basic unit of all matter ,that is made up of on earth. Its basic structure consists of an inner part proton has what type of charge? The neutron has a charge of_ ve a charge of nes the charge on the proton. If the electron has a charge of-1, then the An atom with 4 protons in its nucleus charge of An atom has The sodium atom has a mass number of 23 and protons The carbon atom has an atomic n and 4 electrons outside that nucleus would therefore have an overall 30 protons and a charge of +2, how many electrons does it have? -# an atomic number of 11. Therefore, it has # electrons. - neutrons, and umber of 6 and a mass number of 12- Determine the # of protons, neutrons, clectrons in a carbon atom and use that information to draw a simplified model of a carbon atom in the space below. The innermost electron shell of any atom can hold up to atom can hold up to electrons. All other electron shells in an Fluorines atomic number is 9. How many total electrons does fluorine have? How many electrons are in fluorines outer electron shell? asses are call ed Atoms with the same atomic number but different atomic m What determines the types of chemical reactions that an atom participates in? a. its atomic mass b. the number of electrons in the innermost electron shell c. the number of electrons in the outermost electron shell d. the number of protons it contains e. its atomic number A mole is a unit that measures quantity of atoms. I mole equals 6.022 X 10) atoms of an ter, lesser or the same number of atoms as 2 moles of helium?
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