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Att empts: Average: 5 4. Problems and Applications Q4 An economy consists of three workers: Hubert, Manuel, and Shen. Each works 10 hours a day and can produte two services: mowing lswns and washing cars. In an hour, Hubert can either mow 2 lawns or wash 1 car, Manuel can either mow 1 lawn or wash 1 car lawn or wash 2 cars. and Shen can either mon 1 For ead-of the 6cend rios ated ǐn t e foilo wing taie, determine how many lawns w these values into the corresponding row be mowed and how many cars wili be wasted per day and enter All three spend all their time mowing lawns. (A) All three spend all their time washing cars(B) All three spend half their time on each activity. (C) Hubert spends half his time on each activity, while Manuel only washes cars and Shen only mows lawns. (D) In the following table, identify the opportunity cost of washing cars for each worker. Worker Opportunity Cost of Washing Cars Hubert

0 producing a particular service ane s preferentialy used in the production of that serviee one worker at a time is transferred from moming lawns to washing cars. Using the y moves down a blue points (cirole symbol), graph the production possibitities symbol) to identify point A, the green point (triangle s point (diamond symbol) to identify point D on the graph. (ppF) for this economy on the following graph, Then use the black point (plus ymbol) to identify point B, the orange port (square symbol) to identify point C, and the purple 15 20 26

True or False: The segments, rather than beilng smoothly bowed outward faces a constant trade-off between movwi True False Indicate whether each of the following allocations is efficient or inefficient Allocation Efficient Inefficient

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