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Question: b 1 n is rational f 2 n is odd...

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B 1, n is rational F 2. n is odd C 3. n is even A. n 2k for an arbitrary integer k B. nfor some integers a and b, b 0 C. T::-for some real numbers a and b, b * 0 D. n 2k 1 for some integer k E. n 2k 1 for any integer k F. n 2k for some integer k Select all that are even numbers B. 5 C. 2.2 E. 4 Select all that are odd numbers B. 5 D. 4 E. 3.3 Select all that are rational numbers A. .123 D. 0 Select all that are irrational numbers 2 C. .123123123 D. In(6)

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