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Question: b compute tukeys hsd to analyze the significant main effect...

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u t Al seasonal affective disorder SAD 冫교 typc cf d press on during seasons with css daylight g., wint cr mcnths One therapy for SAD s pnctotherapy, w hich s ncreased Cxposure to ght used to improve mood. A researcher tests this t crapy by cxposing ฮ sample cf paticnts ith SAD to different intensities oflight cw medium, high n s light box, cither in the om g or at ni ht thcsc e the times thought to be most effec for ght therapy A part pants ted their mooc following ths therapy on ฮ scale om 1 poor moo o imaroved mooc). The hypothetical rezults are given in the following tabl. dayligh therapy on a caie0ns n the follay h a lighe MorningS Time of Complete the F-table and make a decision to retain or reject the null hypothesis for each hypothesis tast (Round your answers to two deimal plases. Assume experimentwise alpha equal to o.0.) df Timc of day ime of dey(b) Compute Tukey's HSD to analyze the significant main effect.

The critical value is ? for each pairwise comparison.

Summarize the results for this test using APA format.

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