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Question: b if u set of all positive integers from 10...

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b) If U- (set of all positive integers from -10 to 10), how would your answers to part a) change? sngwer weuld change beaue demast haif the eers ore n(u)sio 9. Consider the following information. U (all table games) C (card games) or (Hearts, Euchre, Go Fish, Uno, Snap, Set) S- (card games using a standard deck of cards) or (Hearts, Euchre, Go Fish, Snap) O-(card games using other decks of cards) or (Uno, Set) B {board games) or {chess, checkers, backgammon) a) Represent this information in a Venn diagram. b) Name any disjoint sets e) Show which sets are subsets of one another using set notation 815 suset of Use a truth table to determine whether the following statement is biconditional: number greater than 2, then x is odd. 10. If x is a prime
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