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b. lack c lower internet-rela Ug3 costs than those in all of theroid the problem of excessive download ti of the following, except sider the countrys overall bandwidth hics detailed and captivating limit the number of pictures understand the target market c. d. rivacy fall int o each of the following categories except the seclusion theory a. the vacuum model b. c the access-control viewpoint d. the autonomy model have been established as the primary means of protecting mos the content on the internet. a. copyrights b. patents c. trademarks d. licenses 1. Internal records focus entirely on customer characteristics and behavior b. are not readily available to marketers c. can help marketers improve order-to-deliver and payment cycles d. are of little importance to marketers All of the following are reasons that the internet is fertile ground fo a. data collection except_ internet research can only collect information from people who use the leaving out a huge part of the population the cooperation of consumers using traditional research approaches is the internet is a quick and inexpensive method of collecting data ternet allo forth amnling of consumers from diverse geogr the i
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