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B. "Will mankind survive or not?" This question does not take no for an answer. "The progress of society, the life of civilization, must and will continue." These word are found in the report of the 27th Congress. What, then, is one to think about the massive pile up of nuclear weapons on our planet? For each child in the world-Filipino, chinese, russian, arab, american, french, and african-there are three tons of explosives. Everyday, two billion dollars are spent on armaments and twenty hydrogen bombs are manufactured while millions of children all over the world die of hunger and disease. When the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, the entire city was destroyed. About 60,000 people were killed and approximately 100,000 were wounded. For the sake of saving our planet and the future of your children, people all over the world should intensify the struggle to stop the arms build-up and to prevent nuclear war. In his talk to the people of the United States on December 8, USSR President Gorbachev said, "We see the task in building a nuclear-free world. Today, we started a big undertaking, making a first step go eliminating nuclear weapons." Humanity has come to realize that it has fought enough wars, that wars should be banished. Everybody wants peace! Nobody wants war! 1. What is the topic sentence? __________________________________________________________________________________ 2. How does the author prove that there is an issue? _____________________________________________________________________3. How does the author conclude his paragraph?
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