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Question: back densit re deviation report to 1 to 25 try...

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Back Densit Re Deviation Report to 1 to 25 Try ! Try 2 9. This same group is determining the density of the object. The weights they measured for the objects are shown above (question 8). The voluies they calculated from their measurements of the object are 6.21 mL, 6.15 mL, 6.12 mL, and 6.32 mL. What density, g/mL, should they report to show their precision? Use the equation below in your calculations Enter a Submit Tolera Hide Si Try 1:0 SD. Sm, and Sy are the standard deviations ofNG2 Density, Mass (calculated as 0 g in Q8), and Volume (calculate this standard deviation as you did the Mass standard deviation in Q8, but use the volume measurements given in this problem) D, m, and V are the calculated Density (g/mL), mass (12.3574 g) and Volume (this is the average Volume
Back to Main currently log following results. Complete the following table to determine how they should reportcre their answer to account for precision? 8. In the lab a group carefully measures the weight of the same item four times with the Nex Mass-Av8 Standard Average Mass Mass)2 Report toReport All Correct SigFigs Numbers as Significant Deviation Report to 1 SigFlg Trial Mass Try 1 (2 poir ry 2 (2 poir Try 3 (2 poir Enter answe Submit butte Σ (x --) Tolerance 12.3569 g Try 1: 0 N-1 Fig Do-a 12.3572 g Try 1:0 is the sum of the Hide Side Pa Try 1: x 12 Try 2: x 12.36 Try 3:12.3574 (Mass- Avg Mass)2 3 12.3583 g Try 1:0 N 1 is the number of Trials minus 1 Try 1: V0 12.3571 g Try 1:0 LO 의 0 Your reported mass of the item should be 12.3574: 0.
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