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Back to Assignment Attempts Keep the Highest: 12 ttention: Dus to a brug in Google Chrome, this page may not fanetion correctly Olick hers to learn mora. 6. Bar graphs Aa Aa A 2009 Pew Research Center survey asked a sample of 1,504 adults living in the United States for their opinions on recent technological advancements, such as online shopping, cell phones, and social nebworking. Respondents categorized each advancement as a change for the worse, hasnt made much difference, a change for the better, or dont know A summary of respondents opinions on social nebworking sites follows Response Change for the worse Hasnt made much differen Change for the better Dont know Percent of Respondents 21 31 35 Hake a bar graph of the rolative frequency distribution of the resporses Hint: To make each bar, drag a blue rectangle onto the graph and position it so it sits on the horizontal axis-the vertical coordinates of its bottom corners are o. Then, drag the top blue points (drdie symbols) to adjust the height of the rectangle using the vertical coordinate of its top corners as a guide. Ignore the horizontal coordinate of the corners Relatve Fregvency 0.4 0.2 03 0 2 0
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