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Bar graphs are a very common type of graph best suited for a qualitative independent variable Although you can extract trends between bars (e.g. they are gradually getting longer or shorter), you cannot calculate a slope from the heights of the bars. Figure 1.2 shows the results of an experiment that tested the effect of three types of fertilizer (A, B, and C) on average plant height. In Figure 1.2, the independent variable (type of fertilizer) is plotted on the x-axis and the dependent variable (average plant height) is plotted on the y-axis. Notice that a bar graph follows the same structure as a line graph. 15 10 Fertilizer type Figure 1.2: Average plant height using three different types of fertilizer. Many moths pollinate flowers. They visit flowers they can see when they are out at night. You conduct an experiment to find out which flower color moths visit the most.Your hypothesis is that moths prefer white flowers over yellow ones. You collect the following data. Table 1.6: Moth visits per flower type Number of moth visits in a 10 minute period Trial White flower Yellow flower 16 4 4 Laboratory 1The Scientific Method and Introduction to Microscopy 13
Questions 1. Calculate the average number of visits to the two flower colors and write the averages below. Summarize the results of the experiment in a bar graph.You should have a bar for each average 2. 3. Based on these results, do you support or reject your hypothesis?
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