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Based on the following marketing analysis relative to minority market segmentation for Cigna Health Care, please provide comprehensive conclusions and conclusions.

The minority market segment for Cigna Healthcare consists of African American, Hispanics, Asian American, veterans and LGBTQ communities. The company practices diversity and affirmation throughout the organization worldwide by establishing a non-discriminatory approach globally. Cigna Healthcare along with all other Healthcare organizations are focusing on the minority segment which is slated to increase exponentially in the future providing exceptional growth for any organization which realizes its potential and exploits the opportunity to maximize representation of minorities within the customer base. 20.4 million US War veterans form 7.3 % of the total population and is another major Focus Group requiring extensive Healthcare with a large percentage suffering from disability health issues of one kind or another.

The increasing percentage of ethnic groups especially Hispanics and African American is clearly indicated by the recycling profiles by age group of 85 + years showing them to comprise a total of 12% with under 5 years rising to 39%. This is a clear indication of the composition of American population in the future generation being comprised of ethnic minorities more than 50%. The LGBTQ report good health so may not be as much of a potential group as the other minorities.

The achievement of minority and, women claimed organizations and other under-spoke to providers adds to Cigna's prosperity and to the networks it serves. Regularly, these providers can give the best mix of complete cost, quality, and administration, which adds to solid challenge and a dimension playing field for all potential and existing providers. Cigna's provider assorted variety work further backings the Company's decent variety objectives and goals. In 2017, Cigna kept on attempting to expand recognizably on a national dimension as a feature of its duty to being an "accomplice of decision" for women as well as minority-claimed business endeavors and other differing providers.

With an eye toward the future Cigna connect, and in, to networks that have encountered foundational hindrance. Utilizing its organizations and its worldwide workforce, Cigna works to open ways to instruction and opportunity. Its Supplier Diversity Program makes monetary effect for ladies and minority claimed organizations. The company additionally follows up on its pledge to make the up and coming age of various pioneers, banding together with associations like Hartford Youth Scholars, it support in danger youngsters to seek after advanced education.

Furthermore, its Consumer Health Engagement group has assembled six working gatherings crosswise over various destinations and groups, giving socially different substance and instruction to roughly 1,600 Cigna representatives through "decent variety minutes", email impacts, bulletins, board exchanges, wellbeing fairs and different exercises. Subjects secured incorporate psychological wellness of evacuees, stress and living in indeterminate occasions for minority populaces and ladies, perceiving presumptions and inclinations and recognizing approaches to transform them, social competency for South Asian populace, wellbeing data and transplant asset for Hispanic populaces, and experience of being transgender.

Cigna Health Care, while marketing to minority market segments, should ensure that its systems and structure within the organization makes diversity a tangible value and that this value is reflected in its policies as well as leadership. Cigna Health Care will have to, as a brand, walk the talk with regards to diversity. The best practice for Cigna Health Care while marketing to minority market segments will include taking a holistic approach towards diversity and implement the approach in its day to day procedures. When this is done the brand it will become inclusive and hence marketing to minority market segments will become more systematic.

Cigna Health Care will have to recognize that diversity and minority markets are not an inconvenience but rather are strength. This approach and value will shape the overall brand identity of Cigna Health Care and will enable them to market to minority segments in a proper manner. The best practice will include Cigna becoming an advocate for diversity and build a relationship with the minority markets in such a manner that their unique position of cultural hybrids is easily understood and then implemented by Cigna in their marketing plans and efforts. Cigna will hence has to adapt to the taste of its audience in the minority community and tailor their offerings accordingly. Suppose that the chosen minority market segment is the African American segment. Cigna Health Care will have to focus on unique health care needs of African Americans and then communicate these needs in a proper manner to the target market. Cigna Health Care will then have to communicate how its offerings will help African Americans to meet their health care needs in an optimal manner. For instance Africans Americans males are more susceptible to critical illness like health related ailments, prostate cancer, etc. Thus Cigna should focus more on genetic testing, counselling programs, health equity and outreach programs when marketing to African-Americans.

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