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Question: bb homework 2 math2300001 x bb 2300s19hw2pdf xinstall miktex...

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Bb Homework 2 - MATH2300001 X Bb 2300s19HW2.pdf xInstall MikTeX on Windows-NX0321894073.pdf e Zookal Study | Guided Solutio × → https://blackboard.ecu.edu/bbcswebdav/pidー10669050-dt-content-rid-58708553-1/courses/MATH2300001201930/2300s19Hw2.pdf 2300s19HW2.pdf grader knows nothing about Mathematics. Pictures and graphs are great ideas to start a proof but wil not be sufficient without written explanation. If you are referring to some result or theorem, clearly write its statement and location in the text 1. Determine the cardinality of each of the following sets (a) A 1,3,5,... ,45) (a) Describe the set A by listing its elements. What is Al? (b) Give an example of three elements that belong to B but do not belong to A. (c) Describe the set C by listing its elements (d) Describe the set D by listing its elements 3. Given the set A = {1,2} (a) Find P(A) and |P(A) (b) Find P (P(A) and IP (P(A)) 4. Give an example of four different subsets A, B, C and D of 1, 2, 3,4) such that all intersections of two subsets are different 5. Let U-11,2,.. , 131 be the universal set, A 1,5, 6,9], and B 3, 6,8,9,10. Determine the following and draw the accompanying Venn Diagram (i) AUB AnB iii) A - B v) B-A(v) A(vi) AnB e g 12:08 AM 1/23/2019 Desktop /\屆徊 后日))

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