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Be sure to identify the sik steps in your presentation. Start each problem by writing the general energy balance and then list your assumptions so that you can clearly label the crossed out terms. For these problems, you may NOT be able to assume the inlet and exit pipes are of sufficient diameters so that the velocity change (and hence the kinetic energy) is small and that there is no change in elevation. You may find useful the assumptions on Table 6.1 ofthe handout from the scanned pages posted under Lecture # 1 and the scanned pages on nozzles posted under Lecture #11 from the 6 edition of Fundamental of Thermodynamics by Sontag, Borgnakke, and Van Wylen. Also, the use the dot over the work, heat and mass to indicate rates (i.e., per unit time) #1. As shown in the schematic below, a turbine can be operated at partial load by throttling the stream (i.e., lowering the pressure). Consider now a turbine in which there is no throttling and that the turbine operates with N2 steam with T,-753.15K and P 6 bar and P-1 bar. The efficiency is 806 and the molar flowrate is (note not mass flow rate) is 200 mol/s. The inlet velocity is 30 m/s and the exit velocity is 120 m/s. The inlet is 6 m above the base of the turbine and the exit is 2 m above the base. a. Determine the output of the turbine with units of kw b, what is the exhaust temperature and quality (if saturated) for 100% efficiency? What is the output temperature and quality (if saturated) for the given efficiency? d. What are the enthalpy and entropy for the 80% efficiency of the turbine ? #2. A nozzle receives 0.1 kg/s of steam at 1.0 MPa, 400°C with negligible kinetic energy. The exit is at 500 kPa, 350°C and the flow is adiabatic. Find the nozzle exit velocity and the exit area
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