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Before the discussion, go over the replica-plating experiment that was explained in class, and read the section on the Lederberg experiment in the textbook Mutation as a random process e.g. pages 206-207 in the 2d edition As optional reading. the original paper (Lederberg and Lederberg 1952. Replica plating and indirect selection of bacterial mutants) has been posted on Canvas in the Reading for Theme 2 folder (a) Imagine that penicillin-resistant mutations are in fact induced by exposure to penicillin. Explain what the outcome of the Lederberg Experiment would have been if this were the case (b) How would this experiment be different if, instead of starting with a single bacterial cell, you started with a population of E. coli isolated from a natural population? (c) Assuming that all mutations are random, come up with a method for estimating the frequency of penicillin-resistant mutations (d) What would be the outcome of this experiment if you replica-plated your bacterial colonies on a plate that contained two or three different antibiotics instead of one? Bonus question: what does the answer to question 3d tell you about the strategies for treating and preventing HIV infections in humans?

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