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besides fungi have a heterokaryotic stage in 15 15) Very few-organisms usuaspect of the fungal la Dyobic stage in their life cycle. Which of the A) Some fungi exhibit alternation of genera stage and a multicellular haploid stage stage and a multicellular haploid staes earing they have a multicellular diploid B) Spores have to fuse with each other before C) Most varieties undergo sexual reproduction withoducing eggs or sperm. D) They produce eggs and sperm in approximately equal numbers, instead of many sperm and a they develop into a new mycelium few eggs. 16) Suspension feeders and deposit feeders are similar in that both 16 A) tend to live in aquatic or marine environments B) tend to have complex mouthparts to gather food C) tend to have long, tubelike bodies D) evolved only in a-single lineage E) may practice other feeding strategies, stuch as herbivory 17) Which parasites live inside their hosts? 17) A) ectoparasites C) mesoparasites BJ endoparasites D) none of the above Eodysozoa Deuterostome sty (origin of mesoderm) symmetry and cephalization Radial symmetry Tissue; Diploblasty (ectoderm and endodem 18) Which morphological trait evolved more than once in animals, according to the above phylogeny 18) based on DNA sequence data? A) segmentation B) bilateral symmetry C) coelom E) tissue A-3
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