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credit is available for multi-part questions. ve 90 minutes to complete the quiz and it must be completed in one sitting. Once you begin, y able to pause the timer. In order to complete in the allotted time, you should plan to spend nutes per question. Question 15 6 pts Bettinger Airlines is proposing to go public, and you have been given the task of estimating the value of its equity. Management plans to maintain debt at 40% of the companys present value, and you believe that at this capital structure the companys debtholders will demand a return of 5% and stockholders will require 12%. The company is forecasting that next years operating cash flow (depreciation plus profit after tax at 35%) will be $50 million and that investment expenditures will be $20 million. Thereafter, operating cash flows and investment expenditures are forecast to grow in perpetuity by 4.5% a year. what is the total value of Bettinger Airlines (in millions)? 4 Previous Next Not saved Submit Quiz
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