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bich of the following are polysacharides? .D) A and B only -E)A, B, and C 38) Saturated fatty acids Ajare the predominant fatty acid in com oil. many double bonds c) are usually solid at room temperature D) are usually liquid at room temperature are usuall 39) The hydrogenati the on of vegetable oil would result in which of the following? A) a decrease in the number of carbon-carbon double bonds in the oil (fat) molecules P1 an decrease in in the number of hydrogen atoms in the oil (fat) molecule n 40) The 20 different amino acids found in polypeptides exhibit different chemical and physical properties because of different A) l groups attached to an alpha (a) carbon B) amino groups attached to an alpha (a) carbon C) side chains (R groups). D) alpha (a) carbons. E) asymmetric carbons. 41) Dehydration reactions are used in forming which of the following compounds? B) polysaccharides C) amino acid D) Deoxyribose 42) Upon chemical analysis, a particular protein was found to contain 556 amino acids. How many peptide bonds are present in this protein? A) 139 B) 554 2j555 D) 556 E) 558 43) What maintains the secondary structure of a protein? Ahydrogen bonds C) polar covalent bonds D) methyl bonds E) phosphodiester bonds 44) Three-dimensional shape of a protein is maintained by A) ionic bond B) hydrophobic interaction. C) van der Waals interaction. D) disulfide bond and interaction between radicals R. E) hydrogen bond.

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