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Question: bio 123 hw 1 metric system 15pts now that you...

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Bio 123 HW 1: Metric System (15pts)

Now that you are familiar with metric system and you have calibrated your steps, you are able to determine the area of any large expanse. Select two large areas (e.g., a city block, campus expanse, etc.). Determine the area in m2 of each area. Then convert your area in m2 to hectares. Many of you are likely familiar with the measurement of area known as an acre. In the metric system we measure large areas in hectares, which is equal to an area 100 m x 100 m or 10,000 m2. *Hint: Pick a rectangular area.

Describe each area. Take detailed notes while collecting your data such as starting location, direction of walking, number of steps, etc. (2 pts).

Area 1

Area 2

Complete the table below with your measurements and calculations (1 pt/ea).

Area 1

Area 2


Number of steps (L & W)

Area in m2 =

Area in ha =

Complete the table below with common metric conversions (.5 pts each)

1 meter =


1 kilometer =


1 liter =


1 gram =


High temperature in your home town yesterday in Fahrenheit and Celsius (1 pt):

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