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Biological Psych 3 part question on herion is a highly addcitve drug of abuse.

a.Name the class of drug and the subjective effects it has on a user. In addition to the risk of death associated with respiratory failure due to drug overdose, the addictive quality of the drug can destroy a user’s life. One drug used to reduce the impact of the addiction is Methadone. Describe the action of both Heroin and Methadone at the receptor level.


 b.Explain why methadone would be beneficial for people addicted to heroin. In your answer outline why this difference in drug action of methadone (compared to heroin) makes sense in terms of our understanding of receptor function and also on a more general level, how reward and value are coded by the brain.



c. Nutt et al. (2015) present the addictive qualities of drugs like heroin as evidence against current models of addiction that focus entirely on dopamine. Summarise the key arguments and conclusions that are based on the impact of drugs like heroine on the brain and a person’s experience associated with drug taking. 


all questions 100 words / 5 marks each.


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