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Question: biology 1 a 56year old man complains of chest pains...

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1) A 56-year old man complains of chest pains for the last few days. An angiogram reveals that the LCA is 80% blocked and the RCA is 75% blocked. What do you think should be done going forward?

2) A 74-year old man who has been on renal dialysis for the past two years complains of tiredness, lethargy and irritability. He feels very cold often. Describe the pathophysiology in this case and suggest corrective measures.?

This question I want to make sure about the answer 3) Give the route of an erythrocyte from the left to the right thumb?

Digital vein, left radial vein, left brachial vein, left axillar vein, left subclavian vein, left brachiocephalic vein, superior vena cave, right atrium, right ventricle, pulmonary trunk, pulmonary artery, labor artery, pulmonary capillaries of the lung, labor veins, pulmonary veins, left atrium. Left ventricle, aortic arch, brachiocephalic artery, right subclavian artery, right axillary artery, right brachial artery, right radial artery, digital artery.

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