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Biology 10 Lab #4 Page 3 of 3 Surface Area to Volume Ratios (you can do this at home) Cells are small because there is a limit to the distance at which and still be efficient for the cell. The greater the surface area, for thi have to travel on ratio. 8. Consider this hypothetical cell: molecules can travel the more opportunities ngs to enter or leave the cell. The smaller the volume, the less distance they ce inside the cell. Cells tend to have a BIG surface are to volume 36 μm 21 μm This rectangular cell has a total surf (you must show all your calculations for credit)? 9. ace area of how many square micrometers 10. Calculate the volume of the cell and record the answer below expressed in cubic micrometers. 11. Calculate the surface area to volume ratio below and express your answer as a number surface area- volume 12. Now, cut the longest dimension in half and recalculate the total surface area. 12 μm 18 m 21 μm 13. Calculate the volume of the cell expressed in cubic micrometers. 14. What is the surface to volume ratio? 15. Which of the two cells (the first, or the second) is more efficient, from an osmotic standpoint? Why?
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