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Biology 1210 Lab Manual 2019 Page 35 What evidence is there that the 13 species of finches are descended from a single common ancestor that arrived on the islands a few million years ago? How do we know that each of the species that is on the islands today didnt arrive separately from mainlarad South America? 1. spurstcly rom matilamduth 2What species of finch did the Grants collect data from? What type of data did they collect? 3. What happened after the drought of 1977 to the population of the finches on Daphne Major? Which characteristic did birds that survived possess? How did this characteristic increase their survival rate? In 1983 an unusually strong El Niño brought more rain than normal to the Island. What effect did this climatic event have on the subsequernt morphology of the population of these finches? Explain the connection betueen the uweather event and subsequent change in the beak size of the population of finches on the island. 4. 5. What are the two main hypotheses about why finches of different species do not interbreed? Wha t experiments did the Gran ts perform to test these hypotheses?
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