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Biol 10BarreroSP19SC07: -Other stuff to do-195p BK -Ch1SG(101 Lecture Notes-195p Bio-1 https h 27 Saved Darwins observations Complete the following paragraph to describe Darwins observations that influenced his theory As Darwin completed his five year voyage as naturalist aboard the different HMS Wellngton he made numerous observations that influenced his ideas on natural selection. sharp wings Along the east coast of South America, he noticed that their appeared very similar to the of Africa blunt claws However, they could not be related as they belonged to different continents, theretore their simlarities must be due to ther HMS Beagle On the Galapagos islands, he noticed that manine iguanas were to cing to rocks and thersnouts to gather algae Aso on the Galapagos Islands, he noticed that whille the island uniquely adapted to their environments with their large tails inches were samilar in appearance, the size of the Darwin speculated that these species arose trom a maintand population o thee envronments Because of te they developed their own adaptations
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