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Both questions please
Sprint令 11:05 ANM Theory Homework 1-1.pdf Q Heat transfer through insulating walls. (Primary variable: temperature, secondary variable: flow rate). Each w has its own conductivity constant (k). In steady state, the temperatures at the left and right are Tb and T, and the film coefficients Bu and BR. respectively. Determine the temperatures on the left and right surfaces as well as at all of the interfaces. Assume there is no internal heat generation. Air at temperature, T 35 C Film coefficient. = 15 w(m2 K) T- 1000C h-50 mm h35 mm h 25 mm Consider two solid cylinders as shown in the figure. Assume the shear modulus of steel is Gs 12x10 6 Psi and for aluminum it is Ga 4x106 Psi. If an external torque is applied T-200lb.ft at point B, (hint: use a 3 element mesh) a. What are the angles of twist at points B and C? b. What are the reaction torques at points A and D? del.5 in T=200 lb.ft d-l in Steel B 2.5 ft 2 ft
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