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Boundary layers: lift and drag 6. In 1977 the Gossamer Condor, shown in Figure Q6, won the Kremer Prize by being the first human-powered aircraft to complete a prescribed figure-of-eight course around two turning points 0.8 km apart. The following data pertain to this aircraft: Flight speed 4.6 m/s Wing size: b 29 m (wing-tip-to-wing-tip) with average chord c2.3 m Weight (including pilot) 934 N Drag coefficient Co 0.046 based on planform area bo Power-train efficiency, n 0.8 (a) Calculate the lift coefficient and lift-to-drag ratio for the Gossamer [10 marks] (b) Calculate the power required by the pilot. Note n represents the loss in Condor power in the drive-chain and propeller, where n-1 means all of the [10 marks] (c) If a professional athlete is limited to 400 W, what is the maximum speed [5 marks] power generated by the pilot is used to overcome drag. of the Gossamer Condor? Data: Atmospheric density 1.2 kg/m3

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