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Briefly explain what is meant by the instantaneous amplitude, the instantaneous frequency and the instantaneous phase of a signal 3. (a) (i) (ii) Give a formula to calculate the instantaneous frequency from digital (i)Calculate the instantaneous frequencies from digital recordings of the (ii) How would the result change, when it is known that the instantaneous recordings of the instantaneous phase and explain all symbols used. [6 marks] (b) down converted signal [3, 3j, -2.9+0.9j, -1.1-2.8j] that was recorded with a sampling frequency of 10 Hz. frequency does not vary more than 1 Hz? [6 marks] Use the definition for the frequency of a harmonic signal to der formula that enables an estimation of the timing accuracy based on a carrier frequency and the variability of its instantaneous frequency The UK radio clock operates at a centre frequency of 60 kHz with a standard deviation of the instantaneous frequency of 2 Hz. Show that the timing accuracy relative to the length of one cycle equals the variability of the instantaneous frequency relative to the carrier frequency when neglecting small terms obtained in (c)(0) (c) (i) (ii) (ii) Determine the accuracy of the oscillator of the receiver. You assume that the oscillator of the transmitter is perfectly accurate. [8 marks]

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