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BSBADM405 Organise meetings

Assessment task 1: Organise a meeting written assessment

Part A: Questions

In your own words answer the following questions: 


1)     Describe what is meant by the ‘purpose’ of a meeting? A group of people in an organisation that come together for a formal discussion. 

2)    List two legal requirements regarding formal meetings.  Putting forward voting on motion and providing proper notes 

3)    List two ethical (good manners) requirements regarding meetings. Not talking over people and listening and being engaged in the meeting. 

4)    Terminology. In your own words describe what the following terms mean in regards to meetings.


      • Apologies an expression of regret or remorse for actions whiles apologising and expressing regret or remorse. Informal situations it may be just called saying sorry. 
      • Quorum minimum number of members deliberative necessary conduct in the business group. 
      • Minutes protocols or informally notes that are writing and recorded of the meeting or hearing. 
      • Proxy server application that acts as an intermediary for requests for clients seeking resources from the server and the sever provides those resources.
      • Motion formal proposal put to the group for a decision to votes in the meeting.
      • Unanimous agreement by all the people that have given a situation and the group considers the decisions. 
      • Minutes book is a book or binder that holds all the recorded minutes of the meetings that have been held. 
      • Action deed the something has been done acts and the result of doing something.
      • Agenda item specifies the group of issues that are considered in the meeting. Can be created by the meeting facilitator who may also invite the meeting participants to request them. 


5)    Describe the roles and responsibilities for the following members of a meeting?


      • Chairperson of the committee set the agenda and lead the meeting maintain order at the meeting and ensure everyone is participating in the meeting. 
      • Secretary of the committee makes the meeting happens keeps formal notes during the meeting and writes and process the minutes of the meeting. 
      • Treasurer of the committee watchdog over aspects of financial management and works closely with other member of management committees to safeguard the finances of the organisation. 


6)    In your opinion what is the best channel of communication (how to inform) used to advise participants of an upcoming meeting in an educational environment? Explain your answer. The best way of communication is by emailing everyone and marking it as high priority this is the best way as everyone has some form of way of accessing emails. 


7)    List what specific information a Notice of Meeting may include in order to prepare participants for a meeting? Location, time, topic, attendees 


8)    Describe why it is good to have an agenda? Enables important and relevant points to be dealt in good order and good time. It informs the chairperson and participants of the purpose of the meeting and gives them time to prepare for the takes and make a meaningful contribution. 


9)    In your opinion what is the best time to provide participants with the agenda? Explain your answer. The best time to provide the agenda would be in the morning and a few weeks before as they will more likely read the email and get onto it. 


10)  Describe why it is important for the chairperson to ensure that the agenda is followed? So, the chairperson can follow it to a tee and knows what needs to be covered in the meeting. 




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