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Question: bsbadm405 organise meetings assessment task 1 organise a meeting written...

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BSBADM405 Organise meetings

Assessment task 1: Organise a meeting written assessment

Part A: Questions

In your own words answer the following questions: 


1)     Describe what is meant by the ‘purpose’ of a meeting? 

2)    List two legal requirements regarding formal meetings.

3)    List two ethical (good manners) requirements regarding meetings.

4)    Terminology. In your own words describe what the following terms mean in regards to meetings.


      • Apologies 
      • Quorum
      • Minutes
      • Proxy
      • Motion
      • Unanimous
      • Minutes book
      • Action
      • Agenda item


5)    Describe the roles and responsibilities for the following members of a meeting?


      • Chairperson of the committee
      • Secretary of the committee
      • Treasurer of the committee


6)    In your opinion what is the best channel of communication (how to inform) used to advise participants of an upcoming meeting in an educational environment? Explain your answer.


7)    List what specific information a Notice of Meeting may include in order to prepare participants for a meeting?


8)    Describe why it is good to have an agenda?


9)    In your opinion what is the best time to provide participants with the agenda? Explain your answer.


10)  Describe why it is important for the chairperson to ensure that the agenda is followed?




Part B – Notice of Meeting and Agenda  

(If you have already completed assessment task 2 for ICTICT103 – Use, communicate and search securely on the internet then you do not have to redo these documents). You do however need to make another copy of the notice of meeting and the agenda and submit them with this task.


You are to produce two separate Word Documents.


1.      The first document is a Notice of Meeting. You should include:


·      Name of organisation

·      Who you are addressing this notice to

·      Meeting title, date, time and location

·      Purpose of meeting

·      Who it is being called by

·      What attendees need to read/research prior to attending the meeting

·      What attendees need to bring to the meeting

·      RSVP – Who the members of the committee need to RSVP, how and by when


2.     The second document is the ‘agenda’ for the meeting. You should include:

·      Name of organisation

·      Meeting title, date, time and location

·      The name/s of the person responsible for leading that part of the meeting (if applicable)

·      Any names of guest speakers (if applicable) that may be taking that part of the meeting


Check for any errors such as spelling, grammar, punctuation. Ensure the documents are consistent and the layout is suitable for the purpose of the task.


These business documents must be proofread for accuracy and look professional as any errors reflects the reputation of the business.


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