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Egoism, from an organizational perspective, involves those actions that best promote the long-term interests of the organization. a. True b. False administrative regulation promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires protective eye and face equipment when there reasonable probability of injury. This law is an example of a. common law. b. procedural law. c. the law of precedents. d. substantive law. An is a Criminal law deals with public wrongs. a. True b. False The Social Contract Theory asserts that a business must satisfy social desires and social demands in order to be allowed to operate. a. True b. False Courts frequently and regularly change or modify precedents because of the rule of stare decisis. a. True b. False Administrative agencies also wield power under the executive branch of government, even though they are not discussed in the U.S. Constitution. The statute that creates the agency is called theand it specifies the power and authority of the agency. a. Prevailing statute. b. Enabling statute. c. Predominate statute. d. None of the above. Persons who disobey legal rules (laws) are subject to sanctions imposed by society. a. True b. False According to the Social Contract Theory, business only exists because society allows it to exist, and will cease to exist if society so decides. a. True b. False
rancis is domiciled in Montana; Riva, Inc, is incorporated in Delaware and has nss was injured by a product manufactured b quarters in Arizona. Rva repulary ship pods ino Monana rian ontana court have in personam jurisdiction over Riva. Ine. y Riva and would like to sue Riva, Ine. in slat state a. No, Riva is not domiciled in Montana. b. No, the case is nonjusticiable. c. Yes, Riva is doing business in Montana d. Yes, a state court always has in personam jurisdiction over a defendant enue refers to the power of a court to hear certain kinds of legal questions a. True b. False 5. An advisory opinion falls within the definition of a case or valid basis for a judicial proceeding. a. True b. False Ko, a resident of Oklahoma, was seriously injured by a product manufactured by Ultran, Inc. Kos medical expenses alone have exceeded $100,000. The product which caused the injuries contained component parts manufactured by Quent Company. Ultran is incorporated and has its headquarters in Delaware. Quent Company is an Oklahoma business with its headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ko has decided to bring one lawsuit against both Ultran and Quent for $500,000. Kos lawsuit can be heard in federal court based on diversity of citizenship a. True b. False 6. The city of San Francisco passed a law requiring city contractors to provide unmarried domestic partners the same benefits as legally married spouses. This law is: a. feminist law. b. an ordinance. c. case law. d. an administrative regulation. 7. . In the case of Marbury v. Madison, the U.S. Supreme Court created the doctrine of judicia review. The doctrine of judicial review established that: a. the Constitution forbids any court from granting a mandamus. b. the courts will not decide questions that encroach on executive or legislative powers concerning government, the state, or politics. c. the U.S. Supreme Court has the right to be fully informed. d. the courts have the power to decide where and how the legislative and executive branches of government may properly exercise their powers
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