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es/504039/les?preview38471957 ounia 1-2 BraalConnect College Basketball How to be a Sucessiespirational video Farmington Falcons&Ukraine Has Deal, b Page < Create a new project. Copy and paste the program coins.cpp (below). Compile your project and fix any errors found during the compilation process. Fix any logic errors that are found during testing coina cpp rom ch2 of Big Takes a nunber of different coins as imput, computes and peints total dollar value sing mameapace atd const double PENNY VALUE -0.01 const double 3tICKEL VALUE 0.52 conat double DIME VALUE0-10 const double gARTER VALUE 0.025; int main() // declaring variables eozreaponding to the nusber of ditEerent typea of coins int pennies, nickels, dines, quarters, dollars double total=0.01 cout < How many pennies do you have? ein > pensiea update total no total total + pennie. . PENNY VALUE; eout urrent total ia total endl cout s How many nickela do you have? // update total no totalcotal+nickela NICKEL VALUE cous << current total i << total <くendi; cout ce Bowmany dines cin >5 aines // update total so total + dinesDIE VALUE eout <く current tot.al L. ● do you have? DTNE VALUE La sotal endl cout ow s any gosrters do you have? update total no total totalq COARTER VALUE 42
ToHow to be a SucessD ConnectY College Basketball cin > dimes // update total now total += dimes * DIME VALUE ; cout <<Current total is <<total << endl; cout << How many quarters do you have?; cin >>quarters // update total now total = total + quarters * QUARTER-VALUE; cout << Current total is<<total <s endl cout << How many dollar coins do you have? cin >> dollars; // update total now total += dollars ; cout << Current total 13 くく total << endl ; // Total value of the coins cout <<Total value<total<<n return 0 Question 2 The following program outline prompts the user for two integers and displays multiplied together. Replace the commento with
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