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Question 2: The following program outline prompts the user for two integers and displays the result of the two integens multiplied together. Replace the comments with code to perform that task Compile your project and fix any errors found during the compilation and testing processes / put here header comments that give information about the program /put here the compiler darective for the library necessary for reading and writing using namespace std, int maino ll declare three variables of type int l display a message asking the user to enter a fixst integer Please enter the first integer valoe lget a valae from the user display a message asking the user to enter a second integer Please eater the second integer value: get a value from the user multiply the two imput values and assign to 3d variable as result display message The result of multaplying your two integers together is: and display the answer on the same line dd amother versicn of the above display message that also first displays the two values being multiplied together The sesult of first integersecond integer i third integer ystempause return 0; Notes ) creating the test plans first belps the developer make sure the tests verify the problem is solved, not that the code created works the comments represent the algorithm that the software developer is to follow when coding the program
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