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(c) A ceramic ball with a radius of 5 mm is pressed into a hemispherical re cess of 10 mm in radius in a steel plate. The following parameters are , lsteel-0.3, - 20 GPa, Hsteel 5GPa. Assume that H ~2.80y. What nor- mal load is necessary to initiate yield in the steel plate? What is the radius of the contact? At what depth does yield first occur? For ball-on-flat the Eceamic 450 GPa, Esteel 200 GPa, Vee a, ceramic-, ceramic maximum contact pressure, po, is given by: 3W 2 аг where pm is the mean contact pressure, W is the load, a is the contact radius, E* is the composite modulus and R is the composite radius. The maximum shear stress ocurs at z0.48a.

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