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C. Genetics Preblems 1. You are working in a lob studying muscle development in frut fhes. You have isele mutations in two separate strains of flies thet ench prevent flight muscles from forming in these flies. You cross these two mutant strains to one anether resulting offspring are able to fly. Are your two mutations in the same gene or in different genes? Why? (5 points) 2. Winnie the Pooh had a colony of pet tiggers whose stripes went horizontally across the body. His pen pal, Yogi, sent him a tigger whose stripes ran vertically. When Pooh crossed the vertical tigger with one of his horizontal tiggers, he obtained tiggers with plaid stripes. When he interbred the plaid tiggers, he got 13 plaid, 5 horizontal, and 6 vertical. Suggest a model of inheritance that describes this pattern. What are the genotypes of the plaid, horizontal, and vertical tiggers? What would be the result of a cross between a plaid and horizontal tigger? (8 points)
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