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Question: c language thank you...

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In this problem, you are told to calculate the sum of all integers in testdata.in file, but you should take all Format Input The input will consist of a line contains a lot of numbers in testdata.in file. Please read all the numbers inside this file as the data. Format Output Output Special sum of X datas is Y. with N as the number of data and Y as the sum of the data with the Constraints I data 1 000 000 The number of data will not exceed 1000. It is guaranteed at least 1 data inside testdata.in file. Sample Input 1 (testdata.in) Sample Output 1 (standard output) Special sum of 5 datas is 5. 1 2345 Sample Input 2 (testdata.in) 35761 4 Sample Output 2 (standard output) Special sum of 6 datas is 16. Sample Input 3 (testdata.in) 15 318 48 46584 18 13 Sample Output 3 (standard output) Special sum of 6 datas is 46996.

C language

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